The Family Grain Mill is the best value in the grain mill market. Its range of uses with its many attachments, its reasonable price, and its low-rpm, quiet motor have made it a favorite all across America. It is a low-rpm mill system, so it maximizes the preservation of nutrients in your grains.

Grain Mill: 1002 Variable settings on grain mill can produce fine flour, cracked wheat, corn meal, Cream of wheat, Flax seeds and legume etc. It can handle grains as well as oily seeds. Steel burr wheels are easy to clean.

Hand Base: 1001 Clamps to any countertop or table with at least 1.5″ overhang. Also great to have in emergencies! Motorized Base: 1007 Top of the line, quiet Bosch (Jupiter) motor. Low-rpm motor operation preserves enzymes and nutrients

Motorized Base 1007, including grain mill, is 5″w x 9.5″ d x 16.5″h (hopper is 6″ wide); weight is 5 lbs.

Flaker: 1003 Flakes whole oats or other grains for oatmeal, breakfast cereals, snacks, cookies.

Vegetable Slicer/Grater: 1004 Processes vegetables for salads & coleslaws; slice cabbage, cucumbers, radishes, onions, potatoes, carrots; and fine grate hard cheese, nuts, and bread crumbs. Great for making sauerkraut!

Meat Grinder: 1005 allows you to make your own ground beef or chicken – or peanut butter! FGM Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to the Motor Base only, is subjected to certain restrictions. Manufacturing defects only.