The Family Grain Mill is the best value in the grain mill market. Its range of uses with its many attachments, its reasonable price.

Hand Base: 1001 Clamps to any countertop or table with at least 1.5″ overhang. Also great to have in emergencies! Motorized Base: 1007 Top of the line, quiet Bosch (Jupiter) motor. Low-rpm motor operation preserves enzymes and nutrients. Brand: Messerschmidt of Germany

Vegetable Slicer/Grater: 1004 Processes vegetables for salads & coleslaws; slice cabbage, cucumbers, radishes, onions, potatoes, carrots; and fine grate hard cheese, nuts, and bread crumbs. Great for making sauerkraut!

Extra Drums: 1008; Grinds nuts finely, great for nut pies, crusts, hard cheese & baby foods, Julienne for soups, dehydrated vegetalbles. Use for rice potatoes, squash, pumpkins, great for souffles. FGM Limited Lifetime Warranty on Manufacturing Defects Only

Brand: Messerschmidt of Germany

Meat Grinder: 1005 allows you to make your own ground beef or chicken – or peanut butter! Brand: Messerschmidt of Germany