The Ankarsrum Mixer Model 6230

The Ankarsrum Mixer Model 6230 includes: 7 1/8 quart stainless steel bowl, dough hook, dough roller, scrapper and spatula, 3.5 L Tritan Plastic bowl, balloon and cookie whisks. 7 year warranty on base, 1 year warranty on accessories.

Chrome front panel knobs, easy grip tension knob for arm.

The next shipment of Ankarsrum mixers will not be in until the end of February due to the Covid lockdown in Sweden.

The Mixers are in and should be here by the end of next week. Thank you for your patience. Please Preorder the color that you would like by calling 250-368-9292 and we will notify you upon arrival. 

Hello everyone our Ankarsrum mixers should be hear on March 12/21 and will be shipping as soon as they arrive. We will have a full line up of colors and attachments, except Forest Green which is sold out until May.

Thanks for your patience.

Paulette and Dennis Cook Shoppe

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